Uses of Interface

Uses of AlcConstants in org.alchemy.core

Classes in org.alchemy.core that implement AlcConstants
 class AlcAbstractSpinner

 class AlcAbstractToolBar
          Abstract class to allow multiple toolbar implementations
Eg, the regular toolbar as well as a simplified kids one
 class AlcCanvas
          The Alchemy canvas
Stores all shapes created and handles all graphics related stuff
Think saving pdfs, printing, and of course displaying!
 class AlcColorSelector
          AlcColor Selector Based on code from the lovely Processing ColorSelector [sic]
 class Alchemy
          Main class for Alchemy
Handles all and everything - the meta 'root' reference
 class AlcMath
          Utility class that handles math functions Random number generation, noise etc...
 class AlcModule
          The Alchemy Module Class
 class AlcShape
          A shape class used by Alchemy
The main shape is stored as a GeneralPath object with other variables defining the color, style, alpha etc...
 class AlcSimpleToolBar
          Simple toolbar (left side bar style)
Used for kids workshops and what not
 class AlcSpinnerCustom

 class AlcSubButton
          Custom button to fit the subtoolbar
 class AlcSubComboBox

 class AlcSubLabel
          Custom label to fit the subtoolbar
 class AlcSubSlider
          Custom slider to fit the subtoolbar
 class AlcSubSpinner

 class AlcSubToggleButton
          Custom toggle button to fit the subtoolbar
 class AlcToolBar
          Alchemy Toolbar The disappearing toolbar Housing access to all modules and their sub toolbars
 class AlcUtil
          Static utility methods used in Alchemy Used to manipulate strings, load images, and general stuff